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The Fair & Lovely Scholarship represents a beacon of opportunity and empowerment for aspiring individuals seeking to pursue their dreams through education. This initiative, launched by the Fair & Lovely Foundation, aims to break down barriers and create a level playing field by providing financial support to deserving candidates.

At its core, the Fair & Lovely Scholarship program is a testament to the commitment of empowering individuals, especially women, to overcome socio-economic challenges and fulfill their academic aspirations. This scholarship recognizes the importance of education as a catalyst for personal and societal development, acknowledging that financial constraints should not be a hindrance to accessing quality education.

The scholarship is not merely a financial aid program but a comprehensive effort to address the gender gap in education and foster diversity. By focusing on empowering women, Fair & Lovely Scholarship aligns with the broader goal of promoting inclusivity and equality, recognizing the transformative impact educated women can have on their communities and the world at large.

Applicants for the Fair & Lovely Scholarship are evaluated not only on their academic achievements but also on their resilience, determination, and commitment to making a positive impact in their respective fields. This holistic approach ensures that the recipients are not just academically proficient but also possess the qualities necessary to be change-makers and contributors to society.

As we delve into the details of the Fair & Lovely Scholarship, it becomes evident that it goes beyond financial assistance; it is a stepping stone towards a brighter future for those who might otherwise face barriers in their pursuit of education. By investing in education, Fair & Lovely Foundation strives to empower individuals, particularly women, and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society. The scholarship serves as a symbol of hope, inspiring countless individuals to dream big and achieve their academic aspirations.

What Is Fair & Lovely Scholarship 2024?

The Fair & Lovely Scholarship, initiated by the Glow and Lovely Foundation, stands as a significant effort to empower and inspire female students to pursue higher education and demonstrate their independence. This impactful initiative is geared towards supporting girls across the country, encouraging them to stand confidently on their own feet. The scholarship program encompasses two categories, catering to both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, providing a comprehensive platform for educational advancement.

This initiative particularly targets girls in the 12th grade, offering them the opportunity to benefit from the Fair & Lovely Scholarship. To access this support, interested female students are required to submit their applications through the official website. The Glow and Lovely Foundation’s commitment to fostering education and self-reliance shines through this scholarship, as it serves as a stepping stone for young women to pursue their academic dreams and carve a path towards a brighter future.

Details Of Fair & Lovely Scholarship

Name of the schemeFair & Lovely Scholarship
Launched byGlow and Lovely Foundation
BeneficiariesGirls Students
ObjectiveTo inspire higher education
BenefitTo provide financial assistance for further studies
Financial assistanceUp to Rs. 50,000
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Official WebsiteFair & Lovely

Objective Of Fair & Lovely Scholarship

Recognizing the prevalent challenges faced by numerous female students compelled to discontinue their education due to financial constraints, the Glow and Lovely Foundation has embarked on a transformative initiative known as the Fair & Lovely Scholarship. This program has been designed with the primary aim of offering financial aid to girl students, thereby mitigating obstacles and inspiring them to pursue higher studies. In response to the critical issue of financial struggles leading to the dropout of girl students, the Foundation’s new scheme seeks to provide valuable support and encouragement.

The central objective of the Fair & Lovely Scholarship is to extend a helping hand to girl students, facilitating their journey towards higher education and empowering them to achieve their academic aspirations. By alleviating the financial burden, this initiative aspires to contribute to the academic success of young women, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede their path to fulfilling their educational goals. In essence, the Glow and Lovely Foundation’s Fair & Lovely Scholarship emerges as a beacon of hope and support for female students, fostering an environment where they can thrive academically despite economic challenges.

Selection Procedure Under Fair & Lovely Scholarship

The Fair and Lovely Scholarship adopts a meticulous selection process that takes into account both the academic achievements and financial needs of the prospective female candidates. The criteria for selecting girl students are outlined below:

  • Merit and Financial Needs: Candidates will be chosen based on a combination of academic excellence and financial requirements, ensuring a fair and comprehensive assessment of their eligibility for the scholarship.

  • Priority for Special Cases: Special consideration and top priority will be given to physically challenged candidates and orphaned girl children, recognizing the unique challenges they may face in pursuing higher education.

  • Telephonic Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be required to participate in a telephonic interview as part of the selection process. The interview aims to further evaluate the candidates’ suitability for the scholarship and lasts between 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Language Preferences: The interview will be conducted in a language that aligns with the candidate’s preference, ensuring effective communication and a comfortable interaction.

  • Final List: Following the successful completion of the telephonic interview, the Fair and Lovely Foundation Scholarship team will compile and upload the final list of selected candidates on the official website. This transparent process ensures that the chosen recipients are easily accessible to the public, fostering trust and accountability in the scholarship program.

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Courses Offered By Fair & Lovely Scholarship

To avail the benefits of the Fair and Lovely Scholarship, candidates are required to pursue courses falling within the following categories:

  1. Undergraduate Programs: The scholarship is open to candidates pursuing undergraduate courses in various disciplines. This includes programs such as Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), and other undergraduate degrees.

  2. Postgraduate Programs: Additionally, the Fair and Lovely Scholarship extends its support to those pursuing postgraduate studies. This encompasses a wide range of courses, including Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Commerce (MCom), and other postgraduate degrees.

By encompassing both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the Fair and Lovely Scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to a diverse group of female students pursuing higher education across different fields and levels of study. This inclusive approach ensures that aspiring individuals, regardless of their chosen academic path, have the opportunity to benefit from the scholarship and pursue their educational goals.

Schedule Of Scholarship

It appears that the application submission period for the scholarship programs for the session 2022 has concluded. Prospective applicants are advised that the submission window is no longer open, and the Fair and Lovely Scholarship program is not currently accepting new applications for the mentioned session.

Scholarship Rewards

The Glow and Lovely Foundation is committed to offering financial support to deserving young women to facilitate their continued education. Each year, the foundation allocates approximately 55 seats for the scholarship program. The rewards associated with this scholarship initiative are outlined below.

LevelScholarship Amount
Selected candidates For Graduation, Post Graduation and Competitive ExamsRs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000
Offers To Rural Girls every yearRs. 3,000

Scholarship Result

Upon the successful selection of candidates, the Fair and Lovely Foundation’s selection committee will proceed to announce the final list of winning students. The results, determined after the telephonic interview, will be promptly disclosed through the following process:

  • Announcement After Telephonic Interview: The results will be declared subsequent to the telephonic interview process.

  • Publication on Official Website: The final list of successful candidates will be updated and made accessible on the official website of the foundation. This ensures transparency and easy access to the information.

  • Candidate Registration: To view the results and claim their scholarship, candidates are required to visit the official website and complete the registration process using their provided identification.

By adhering to this structured procedure, the Fair and Lovely Foundation aims to maintain a fair and transparent scholarship allocation process, providing successful candidates with clear instructions on how to proceed after their selection.

Benefits & Features Of Fair & Lovely Scholarship

Initiated by the Glow and Lovely Foundation, the scholarship program is specifically tailored to support young women in their educational pursuits. The primary objective of this scheme is to inspire and encourage girls to aspire towards higher education, allowing them to pursue their academic dreams. By addressing financial barriers, the scholarship aims to significantly reduce dropout rates among girls, enabling them to attain self-reliance.

Under the Fair & Lovely Scholarship, girls have the opportunity to receive scholarships amounting to around Rs. 50,000, supporting their endeavors in higher studies, be it graduation, post-graduation, or competitive exam courses. This financial assistance is a crucial step in empowering girls to stand on their own feet and create a more educated environment across the country.

The Glow and Lovely Foundation goes beyond traditional scholarship offerings, providing additional services such as online courses, job offers, and career guidance. By taking this comprehensive approach, the foundation not only addresses immediate financial needs but also contributes to the holistic development and empowerment of women, fostering a brighter and more educated future for the recipients.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Fair & Lovely Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Gender Requirement: The applicant must be a female student.

  • Age Criteria: The age of the girl student should fall within the range of 15 to 30 years.

  • Educational Pursuit: She must be currently enrolled in graduation or post-graduation courses from a recognized university.

  • Academic Performance: The candidate must have successfully passed the 12th class with a minimum of 60% marks in any stream from a recognized board.

  • Income Limit: The annual family income of the applicant should not exceed more than 6 lakhs.

By adhering to these eligibility criteria, the Fair & Lovely Scholarship aims to identify and support deserving female students who are committed to their academic pursuits but face financial constraints. This ensures that the scholarship benefits those who need it most, fostering educational empowerment among young women.

Important Documents

To complete the application process for the Fair & Lovely Scholarship, candidates are typically required to submit the following documents:

  • Aadhar Card: A copy of the applicant’s Aadhar card, providing a unique identification.

  • Class 12th Mark Sheet: Official document displaying the candidate’s academic performance in the 12th grade.

  • Class 10th Mark Sheet: Academic record of the candidate from the 10th grade.

  • Income Certificate: Document verifying the annual family income, ensuring it does not exceed the specified limit.

  • College Fee Receipt: Proof of payment or receipt of college fees for the current academic year.

  • Application Letter: A letter expressing the applicant’s interest and intent to apply for the scholarship.

  • Date of Birth Certificate: Official document confirming the candidate’s date of birth.

  • Passport Size Photograph: Recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant.

  • Bank Account Passbook: Copy of the bank account passbook, ensuring the details for scholarship disbursement are accurate.

  • Mobile Number: Contact information, typically in the form of a mobile number, for communication purposes.

It’s important for applicants to carefully check the specific requirements outlined by the Fair & Lovely Scholarship program and provide all necessary documentation to ensure a smooth application process.

Process To Apply Under Fair & Lovely Scholarship

For interested female students looking to apply for the Fair & Lovely Scholarship, the following step-by-step procedure can be followed:

  • Visit the Fair & Lovely Website: Navigate to the official Fair & Lovely website.

  • Homepage Access: Once on the homepage, explore the website’s content until you find the section dedicated to scholarships.

  • Click on “Apply Now”: Within the scholarship section, locate and click on the “Apply Now” option.

  • Registration Form: A registration form will appear on the screen. Fill in all the required details, including:

    • Name
    • Email ID
    • Phone number
    • Address
    • Type of course
    • Educational qualification
    • Bank account details
    • Communication details
  • Document Attachment: Attach all the necessary documents as specified in the application requirements. This may include Aadhar card, mark sheets, income certificate, etc.

  • Submit Application: After entering all the details and attaching the required documents, click on the “Submit” option to finalize your application.

By following these steps, interested candidates can easily apply for the Fair & Lovely Scholarship. It’s crucial to ensure that all information provided is accurate and that the necessary documentation is attached to facilitate a smooth application process.

Offline Application Process To Apply Under Fair & Lovely Scholarship

To access the Glow and Lovely Foundation’s scholarship application form, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of Glow and Lovely Career.

  • Navigate to the Home Page: Once on the website, the home page will be displayed.

  • Find the Scholarship Section: Look for the “Scholarship” section on the homepage.

  • Download Application Form: Under the Scholarship section, locate and click on the option to “Download Application Form.”

  • Open PDF File: A PDF file of the application form will appear on the screen.

  • Download the Form: Click on the “Download” button to save the application form to your device.

  • Fill out the Form: Open the downloaded form and fill in all the required details carefully.

  • Attach Important Documents: Ensure that you attach all the necessary documents along with the filled-out form.

  • Send the Application: Once the form is completed and all documents are attached, send the application to the following address:

    Glow and Lovely Foundation, Hindustan Unilever House, BD, Sawant Marg, Chakala, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400099

By following these steps, applicants can successfully download the Glow and Lovely Foundation’s scholarship application form, fill it out, attach the required documents, and submit it to the designated address for consideration.

FAQs – Fair & Lovely Scholarship

1. What is the Fair & Lovely Scholarship?

The Fair & Lovely Scholarship is a financial assistance program initiated by the Glow and Lovely Foundation to support and empower young women in pursuing higher education.

2. Who is eligible to apply for the Fair & Lovely Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria typically include being a female student, aged between 15 to 30 years, currently pursuing graduation or post-graduation from a recognized university, having at least 60% marks in the 12th class, and an annual family income not exceeding a specified limit.

3. How can I apply for the Fair & Lovely Scholarship?

Interested applicants can visit the official Fair & Lovely website, locate the scholarship section, and follow the provided instructions to fill out the application form. Attach the required documents and submit the application through the specified channels.

4. What documents are required for the application?

Commonly required documents include Aadhar card, Class 10th and 12th mark sheets, income certificate, college fee receipt, application letter, date of birth certificate, passport-size photograph, and bank account passbook.

5. When is the application period for the Fair & Lovely Scholarship?

The application period is usually specified and may vary each year. Applicants should check the official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

6. How are the scholarship recipients selected?

Selection is often based on a combination of academic merits and financial needs. Priority may be given to physically challenged candidates or orphaned girl children. Shortlisted candidates typically go through a telephonic interview process.

7. Where can I check the results of the Fair & Lovely Scholarship?

The results are usually announced on the official website of the Glow and Lovely Foundation. The final list of selected candidates is posted after the completion of the selection process.

8. Is there any support provided beyond financial assistance?

Yes, in addition to financial aid, the Glow and Lovely Foundation may offer additional services such as online courses, job offers, and career guidance to scholarship recipients.


The Fair & Lovely Scholarship stands as a commendable initiative by the Glow and Lovely Foundation, dedicated to uplifting and empowering young women through the pursuit of higher education. This scholarship program not only addresses the financial barriers that often hinder academic aspirations but also symbolizes a commitment to fostering gender equality and inclusivity.

By providing a platform for meritorious and deserving female students, the Fair & Lovely Scholarship contributes to the creation of a more educated and empowered society. The stringent yet fair selection criteria ensure that the support reaches those who need it the most, emphasizing both academic excellence and financial need. Moreover, the scholarship’s holistic approach, extending beyond mere financial assistance to include additional services like online courses, job offers, and career guidance, underscores the Glow and Lovely Foundation’s dedication to the comprehensive development of the scholarship recipients.

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