Jharkhand Scholarship : E-Kalyan Online, Status, Last Date 2023

Jharkhand Scholarship 2023: Facilitating Educational Empowerment The Government of Jharkhand, recognizing the significance of education in fostering inclusive growth and empowerment, has taken a commendable initiative by offering a range of scholarships to students hailing from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

This thoughtful endeavor encompasses various categories, including Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), Minority, and General students. The primary objective of this comprehensive scholarship scheme is to provide crucial financial aid, enabling students to pursue their academic aspirations across schools, colleges, universities, technical, and professional institutions within the state of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand Scholarship
Jharkhand Scholarship

The Jharkhand Scholarship 2023 program serves as a catalyst for transforming the lives of deserving students, breaking the barriers of financial constraints that often obstruct the path to education. By creating equitable opportunities, the government aims to bridge the educational gap and empower students with the necessary tools to thrive in their chosen fields.

The scholarship offerings are designed to cater to students at different educational levels, from primary education to higher studies. For students at the school level, the scholarships aim to foster a strong educational foundation, encouraging them to dream big and achieve academic excellence. As they progress to colleges and universities, the financial support continues, nurturing their talents and cultivating a skilled workforce for the state’s development.

Technical and professional education is also a focal point of the scheme, as the government acknowledges the crucial role of skilled professionals in driving economic growth and innovation. Scholarships in these areas enable students to pursue specialized courses, thereby contributing to the overall progress and prosperity of Jharkhand.

The scholarship program further reflects the government’s commitment to empowering marginalized communities and promoting social inclusion. By specifically addressing the needs of SC, ST, OBC, and minority students, the scheme aims to reduce disparities and create a level playing field in education.

Transparent and accessible application procedures are put in place to ensure that eligible students can easily avail themselves of the benefits. To this end, the government has established dedicated channels for application submission and reviews applications on merit to maintain fairness and impartiality.

In conclusion, the Jharkhand Scholarship 2023 initiative stands as a shining example of the government’s dedication to nurturing young minds and building a brighter future for the state. Through financial assistance and equal opportunities, the scheme propels students from disadvantaged backgrounds towards their educational pursuits, equipping them to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

As Jharkhand continues to progress and prosper, the seeds of empowerment sown by this scholarship program are bound to yield a bountiful harvest of knowledge, skill, and social upliftment.

Jharkhand Scholarship 2023: Overview

The Jharkhand Scholarship 2023 is a significant educational assistance program initiated by the Government of Jharkhand. Its primary aim is to provide financial support to students belonging to economically and socially weaker sections, encompassing Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), Minority, and General categories.

By offering these scholarships, the government seeks to enable students to pursue their education across various schools, colleges, universities, technical, and professional institutions within the state.

Article NameJharkhand Scholarship 2023
Name of the Scheme Pre Matric Scholarship
 Post Matric Scholarship
 BCCL Ke Laal and BCCL Ki Laadli
 Combined Counselling Board Scholarship (CCB)
 CM Merit Scholarship
Launched ByGovernment of Jharkhand
Apply ModeOnline
Registration Last Date25 July 2023
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Official Websiteekalyan.cgg.gov.in
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This comprehensive scholarship scheme has a profound impact on empowering deserving students who often face financial constraints hindering their educational dreams. The program is designed to cater to students at different levels of education, from primary schooling to higher studies.

By encouraging students at the school level, the government aims to lay a strong foundation for their academic growth and foster a culture of excellence.

List of Jharkhand Scholarship Schemes

As of my last update in September 2021, Jharkhand offered several scholarship schemes to support students from different categories and educational levels. However, please note that new schemes may have been introduced or existing ones may have been updated since then.

To get the most current and detailed information, I recommend visiting the official government websites or contacting the concerned authorities. Here are some of the prominent Jharkhand Scholarship Schemes:

Jharkhand Post Matric Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity welcomes applications from students who have effectively finished Class 10 and are presently pursuing studies from Class 11 through post-graduation. To qualify, the total annual income of the applicant’s family should not exceed INR 2,50,000 for SC/ST category and INR 1,50,000 for BC category.

Important Dates & Links for Post Matric Scholarship 2023

Application Start Date25 March 2023
Application Last Date25 July 2023
Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online
Scholarship StatusClick Here to Check Status

Jharkhand Pre Matric Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is available to students studying in Class 1 to 10. To qualify, the applicant’s family’s annual income should not exceed INR 2,50,000 for SC/ST category and INR 1,50,000 for BC category.

Important Dates & Links for Pre Matric Scholarship 2023

Application Start DateApply Stated for 2023-24
Application Last DateUpdated Soon
Apply LinkUpdated Soon

BCCL Ke Laal and BCCL Ki Laadli

The scholarship is accessible to the children of BCCL employees who have completed class 10 successfully. Qualified candidates must reside within a 25 km radius of BCCL. They must also obtain a minimum of 60% marks in their board examinations. Moreover, the family’s annual income should not exceed INR 6 lakh. It’s important to note that individuals with chronic diseases are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Important Dates & Links for BCCL Ke Laal and BCCL Ki Laadli Scholarship

Application Start DateUpdated Soon
Application Last DateUpdated Soon
Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online

Combined Counselling Board Scholarship (CCB)

This scholarship is open to students who are currently enrolled in diploma, undergraduate, or postgraduate programs. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must have attained a minimum of 40% to 50% marks in their most recent qualifying examination.

Important Dates & Links for Combined Counselling Board Scholarship (CCB)

Application Start DateUpdated Soon
Application Last DateUpdated Soon
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Jharkhand CM Merit Scholarship 2023

The primary objective of the CM Merit Scholarship Program is to extend financial support to students pursuing their education in various categories of schools within Jharkhand state.

This scholarship is intended for students studying in government, model, project, minority, unaided, and aided schools from the 9th to 12th grades. Its purpose is to offer financial assistance and promote educational opportunities for deserving students in the region.

Important Dates & Links for CM Merit Scholarship 2023

Application Start Date20 May 2023
Application Last Date25 July 2023
Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – Jharkhand Scholarship

What are Jharkhand Scholarships?

Jharkhand Scholarships are financial aid programs initiated by the government to support the educational endeavors of students residing in the state of Jharkhand. These scholarships aim to provide financial assistance to eligible students pursuing various levels of education, from primary school to postgraduate studies.

Who is eligible to apply for Jharkhand Scholarships?

The eligibility criteria for Jharkhand Scholarships vary depending on the specific scholarship scheme. In general, students belonging to different economic and social backgrounds, including SC/ST/OBC/Minority categories, and students with disabilities, are eligible to apply. Additionally, applicants must be permanent residents of Jharkhand and must be enrolled in recognized educational institutions.

What are the different types of Jharkhand Scholarships available?

Jharkhand offers a range of scholarships, such as Pre-Matric Scholarships, Post-Matric Scholarships, Merit-Cum-Means Scholarships, Minority Scholarships, and more. Each scholarship has its specific criteria, benefits, and application process.

How can I apply for Jharkhand Scholarships?

To apply for Jharkhand Scholarships, eligible students can access the official scholarship portal of the Jharkhand government or visit the respective department’s website. The application process typically involves online registration, filling out the application form, attaching required documents, and submitting the application online.

What documents are usually required during the application process?

The common documents required for Jharkhand Scholarship applications include proof of residence, educational certificates, income certificate of the family, caste certificate (if applicable), bank account details, and passport-sized photographs. However, the specific document requirements may vary based on the scholarship scheme.

Is there an application deadline for Jharkhand Scholarships?

Yes, each scholarship scheme has its own application deadline. It is essential for applicants to be aware of the deadlines and submit their applications before the specified date. Late submissions are generally not accepted.

How are the beneficiaries selected for Jharkhand Scholarships?

The selection process for Jharkhand Scholarships involves scrutiny of the applications by the concerned authorities. The selection is based on the fulfillment of eligibility criteria, accuracy of information provided, and availability of funds for the scholarship scheme.

Can I apply for multiple Jharkhand Scholarships simultaneously?

Yes, eligible students can apply for multiple scholarship schemes simultaneously. However, they must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship they apply for and submit separate applications for each scheme.

Are Jharkhand Scholarships renewable on an annual basis?

In most cases, Jharkhand Scholarships are renewable on an annual basis. However, students need to maintain satisfactory academic progress and meet the renewal criteria specified for each scholarship scheme.

Can students pursuing education outside Jharkhand apply for these scholarships?

The majority of Jharkhand Scholarships are designed to support students studying within the state. However, there might be specific scholarship programs that allow students to apply for financial aid when pursuing education outside Jharkhand.


Jharkhand Scholarships play a vital role in empowering students by providing much-needed financial support for their education. With a diverse range of scholarship schemes catering to different educational levels and categories, these programs promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for students across the state.

By availing themselves of these scholarships, students can pursue their academic aspirations, overcome financial barriers, and contribute to the growth and development of Jharkhand. These initiatives not only nurture talent but also foster a brighter future for the youth, ultimately enriching the socio-economic fabric of the state.