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MP Scholarship 2023: Empowering Education through Digital Assistance The government of Madhya Pradesh continues its commitment to uplift students in the state by providing scholarships through the user-friendly MP Scholarship portal. Catering to a diverse range of categories such as SC, ST, OBC, and others, this online platform enables candidates to explore various scholarships they qualify for. Aimed at post-matric level students who are domiciled and permanent residents of the state, the portal simplifies the entire process of accessing scholarship information and submitting applications.

MP Scholarships

The MP Scholarship portal serves as a comprehensive platform where eligible candidates can explore the various scholarships they qualify for, primarily targeted at post-matric level students who are domiciled and permanent residents of the state. With an easy-to-navigate interface, the portal simplifies the process of accessing scholarship information and submitting applications, making it convenient for students to apply for the opportunities they deserve.

Within this article, we present a comprehensive overview of the MP Scholarship Schemes, including essential details such as Application Dates, Eligibility Criteria, Application Deadlines, Scholarship Online Application Process and Links, Scholarship Amounts, and Scholarship Status updates. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply through the official website, and we urge potential applicants to carefully review all relevant information before proceeding with their online applications. Together, let us harness the power of education to build a brighter future for the deserving students of Madhya Pradesh.

MP Scholarship 2023: Overview

Article NameMP Scholarship 2023
Scholarship Schemes Name• Mukhya Mantri Jankalyan (Shiksha Protsahan Yojna) 
• Post Matric Scholarship (SC/ST/OBC)
• Mukhya Mantri Medhavi Vidhyarti Yojana (MMVY)
• Gaon Ki Beti Yojna
• Pratibha Kiran Scholarship Yojna
• Vikramaditya Scholarship Yojna
Launched ByGovernment of Madhya Pradesh (MP)
Apply ModeOnline
Registration Last Date15 August 2023 (View Notice)
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List of MP Scholarship Schemes

Madhya Pradesh offered several scholarship schemes to support students in pursuing their education. Please note that new scholarship schemes may have been introduced after my last update. Here is a list of some of the MP Scholarship Schemes that were available:

Gaon Ki Beti Yojana

The primary objective of the scheme is to offer financial support to gifted girls residing in rural areas and inspire them to pursue higher education. It aims to empower these girls by providing them with opportunities for academic advancement and personal growth.

Under this scheme, each year, students who have successfully passed Class 12 with a first division from each village are eligible for a monthly scholarship of Rs. 500 for ten months, at a fixed rate. This scholarship helps to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with higher education, making it more accessible to talented girls in rural communities.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the girl must have achieved a score of 60% or more in her 12th-grade examination. Additionally, she must be a resident of a rural area and provide proof of being the daughter of the respective village. This requirement ensures that the benefits of the scheme are specifically targeted at girls from rural backgrounds, promoting education and skill development in these regions.

By providing financial assistance and recognizing academic excellence, this scheme encourages and motivates talented girls to pursue higher studies, contributing to their personal growth and the overall development of rural communities.

Important Dates & Links for Gaon Ki Beti Yojana

Application Start DateOnline Apply Started
Apply Last DateUpdated Soon
Online Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online
Scholarship StatusClick Here to Check Status

Mukhya Mantri Jankalyan Yojana (MMJKY)

Under the Chief Minister’s Education Promotion Scheme, students whose parents are registered as unorganized workers with the labor department of the Madhya Pradesh government will be eligible for free tuition fees when admitted to Undergraduate/Polytechnic Diploma/ITI courses. The scheme covers the payment of admission fees and actual course fees (excluding mess and hostel charges) as determined by the Fee Regulatory Committee, Madhya Pradesh Private University Regulatory Commission, or the Government of India/State Government for the respective undergraduate, polytechnic diploma, or ITI programs.

Important Dates & Links for MMJKY Scholarship 2022-2023

Application Start Date01 November 2022
Apply Last DateUpdated Soon
Online Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online
Scholarship StatusClick Here to Check Status

Vikramaditya Scholarship Yojna

The state government has taken a significant step by establishing the General Category Welfare Commission with the goal of fostering the development and well-being of underprivileged families falling under the general poor category, while also putting an end to discrimination. As part of their initiatives, the commission has put forth the Vikramaditya Free Education Scheme, which aims to make higher education accessible to economically disadvantaged students who are below the poverty line.

Under the Vikramaditya Free Education Scheme, eligible students from economically weaker backgrounds can avail of free higher education at the undergraduate level, provided they have secured a minimum of 60 percent marks or more in their 12th board examinations. The scheme caters specifically to students whose parents’ annual income falls below the specified thresholds – either 120,000 for higher education or 54,000 for undergraduate education.

Important Dates & Links for Vikramaditya Scholarship Yojana

Application Start DateUpdated Soon
Apply Last DateUpdated Soon
Online Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online
Scholarship StatusClick Here to Check Status

MP Post Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC Students

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has taken a commendable initiative by offering the MP Post Matric Scholarships to support post-Matric students who are domiciled in the state. This scholarship program is designed to provide crucial financial aid to deserving students from various social backgrounds, including Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), and Minorities.

To streamline the process and ensure easy access to these scholarships, the government has set up its own scholarship portal. This centralized platform serves as a comprehensive repository of all available schemes catered towards students belonging to different marginalized communities. By consolidating these opportunities in one place, the state aims to simplify the application and disbursement process, making it more efficient for eligible students to avail themselves of the financial assistance they need.

The primary goal of these scholarships is to encourage and promote higher education among students from underprivileged and marginalized backgrounds. By offering financial support to students pursuing post-Matric education, the government seeks to bridge the gap in educational opportunities and foster an environment of equal access to quality education within the state.

Important Dates & Links for MP Post Matric Scholarship 2022-23

Application Start Date01 November 2022
Apply Last Date15 August 2023
Online Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online
Scholarship StatusClick Here to Check Status

Pratibha Kiran Scholarship Yojana

The Pratibha Kiran scheme, offered by the Madhya Pradesh government, aims to support girls from urban families living below the poverty line who have achieved a score of 60% or above in their 12th-grade exams. Eligible students can receive financial assistance of up to Rs. 5000 per year.

To qualify for the scheme, a girl must fulfill two criteria: she must have scored 60% or higher in her 12th-grade exams, and she must reside in an urban area with a Pratibha Kiran certificate. Once these criteria are met, the student can apply for the scheme benefits through the designated portal.

The registration process for the scheme is open to students from different categories, including SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe), OBC (Other Backward Classes), and General. To apply for the scheme, eligible students can log in to the portal using their registration ID.

The Pratibha Kiran scheme serves as an encouraging initiative by the government of Madhya Pradesh, empowering deserving girls to pursue their educational aspirations despite facing economic challenges.

Important Dates & Links for Pratibha Kiran Scholarship Yojana

Application Start DateOnline Apply Started
Apply Last DateUpdated Soon
Online Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online
Scholarship StatusClick Here to Check Status

MMVY Scholarship Schemes

The Chief Minister Medhavi Vidhyarthi Yojana (MMVY Scholarship) in Madhya Pradesh is a scholarship program designed to support students who have excelled in their 12th-grade examinations. Under this scheme, students who have achieved 70% or more marks in the 12th examination conducted by the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, or 85% or more marks in the 12th board examination organized by CBSE/ICSE, are eligible to apply.

To qualify for the MMVY Scholarship, the annual income of the student’s parents or guardians must be less than 6 lakhs, and the student should be a resident of Madhya Pradesh.

The benefits of the MMVY Scholarship include free education for undergraduate programs covered by the scheme. The state government will cover the tuition fees, admission fees, and actual fees (excluding mess and hostel fees) for the undergraduate level studies, as determined by the Fee Regulatory Committee or the Madhya Pradesh Private University Regulatory Commission, or as per the guidelines set by the Government of India or the state government.

By offering free education to deserving students, the Chief Minister Medhavi Vidhyarthi Yojana aims to promote higher education and provide opportunities for bright young minds to pursue their academic goals without financial constraints.

Important Dates & Links for MMVY Scholarship 2022-23

Application Start Date01 November 2022
Apply Last DateUpdated Soon
Registration StatusActive
Online Apply LinkClick Here to Apply Online
Scholarship StatusClick Here to Check Status

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – MP Scholarship Portal 2023

What is the MP Scholarship?

The MP Scholarship is a government initiative by the state of Madhya Pradesh in India aimed at providing financial assistance to eligible students pursuing various levels of education, including pre-matric, post-matric, and merit-based scholarships. The scheme is designed to support students from different socio-economic backgrounds and encourage them to pursue their educational aspirations.

Who is eligible for the MP Scholarship?

The eligibility criteria for the MP Scholarship may vary depending on the type of scholarship. Generally, students who are residents of Madhya Pradesh and belong to specific categories such as Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), or economically weaker sections may be eligible. Additionally, academic performance and family income are often considered for eligibility determination.

What are the different types of MP Scholarships available?

There are several types of MP Scholarships available, including Pre-Matric Scholarships for students from class 1 to 10, Post-Matric Scholarships for students from class 11 and above, and Merit Scholarships for students excelling in academics. Other specific scholarships, such as the Chief Minister Medhavi Vidyarthi Yojana (MMVY) or scholarships for girls from rural areas, may also be available.

How can I apply for the MP Scholarship?

Students can apply for the MP Scholarship through the official scholarship portal of the Madhya Pradesh government. The application process usually involves online registration, filling out the required details, and uploading necessary documents. Applicants are advised to carefully follow the instructions and deadlines provided on the portal.

What documents are required for the MP Scholarship application?

The documents required for the MP Scholarship application may include proof of residence, educational certificates, income certificates, caste certificates (if applicable), bank account details, and recent passport-sized photographs. It is essential to submit authentic and valid documents to ensure the smooth processing of the application.

What is the selection process for the MP Scholarship?

The selection process for the MP Scholarship is typically based on the eligibility criteria and the availability of funds. Once the applications are submitted, they are verified and assessed by the concerned authorities. The final selection of candidates is made based on merit, financial need, and other relevant factors.

Is there any application fee for the MP Scholarship?

No, there is no application fee required to apply for the MP Scholarship. The entire application process is free of cost, and students should be cautious of any unauthorized sources claiming to charge fees for scholarship applications.

Can I renew the MP Scholarship for subsequent years?

Yes, in many cases, students can renew the MP Scholarship for subsequent years if they continue to meet the eligibility criteria and maintain satisfactory academic performance. Renewal is subject to the availability of funds and the student’s adherence to the scholarship guidelines.

What is the MP Scholarship Portal?

Answer: The MP Scholarship Portal is an online platform established by the Government of Madhya Pradesh to facilitate the application and disbursement process of various scholarships offered by the state government. It serves as a centralized portal to apply for scholarships available to students from different categories, such as SC, ST, OBC, Minority, and economically weaker sections.

Who can apply for scholarships through the MP Scholarship Portal?

Answer: Students belonging to different categories, including Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), Minority, and economically weaker sections, can apply for scholarships through the MP Scholarship Portal. These scholarships are offered to students studying at various levels, such as pre-matric, post-matric, and undergraduate/graduate/postgraduate.

How are the scholarship applications evaluated and selected?

Answer: The scholarship applications submitted through the MP Scholarship Portal undergo a meticulous evaluation process. The selection is primarily based on factors such as academic merit, family income, and the applicant’s eligibility criteria for a specific scholarship. The scholarship authorities review the applications and verify the documents provided by the applicants.

What is the timeline for applying for scholarships on the MP Scholarship Portal?

Answer: The timeline for scholarship applications may vary each year, and it depends on the scholarship category. Generally, the application window opens before the commencement of an academic session. It’s essential to check the official MP Scholarship Portal regularly for updates and announcements regarding the opening and closing dates of applications.

When are the MP Scholarship applications open?

The application period for MP Scholarships usually opens before the start of the academic year. The exact dates may vary each year, so applicants are advised to regularly check the official scholarship portal for updates and announcements.

How and when are the MP Scholarship amounts disbursed?

Upon the completion of the selection process and verification of documents, the scholarship amounts are disbursed directly to the bank accounts of the eligible students. The disbursement process may vary depending on the type of scholarship and the policies of the government or educational authorities. In most cases, the scholarships are provided in installments throughout the academic year.


The MP Scholarship Portal serves as a transformative platform, providing valuable financial assistance to students from diverse backgrounds in Madhya Pradesh. By streamlining the application process and ensuring transparency in scholarship evaluations, it enables talented individuals to pursue higher education without undue financial constraints.

This empowering initiative fosters academic excellence and promotes social inclusion, empowering students to achieve their aspirations. Through the portal’s user-friendly interface and timely disbursement of funds, it continues to be a catalyst for positive change, promoting education and paving the way for a brighter future for the youth of Madhya Pradesh.

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