Nabanna Scholarship 2024: Download Application Form and Eligibility

In an age where education is the cornerstone of personal and societal progress, initiatives that promote academic excellence and alleviate financial burdens are paramount. The Nabanna Scholarship, a beacon of hope for countless aspiring scholars in West Bengal, India, stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a brighter future. This scholarship program, which has gained widespread recognition and acclaim, aims to empower deserving students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, enabling them to pursue higher education and realize their dreams.

Nabanna, the iconic state secretariat of West Bengal, is not just a bureaucratic hub; it symbolizes a commitment to the welfare and development of the state’s people. The Nabanna Scholarship, launched by the Government of West Bengal, embodies this commitment by providing a lifeline to talented students who might otherwise be unable to access higher education due to financial constraints. The program covers a wide spectrum of educational pursuits, spanning undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various fields, including science, arts, commerce, and professional courses, thereby accommodating a diverse range of academic aspirations.

Nabanna Scholarship

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Nabanna Scholarship is its inclusivity. The program is not limited to any specific category; instead, it reaches out to students from all communities and backgrounds, ensuring that talent knows no boundaries. By doing so, the scholarship program fosters diversity and inclusion, encouraging an environment where meritocracy prevails and talent shines, regardless of socio-economic constraints.

This scholarship program is a testament to the Government of West Bengal’s dedication to creating a knowledge-based society and a workforce equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to drive the state’s growth and development. It is a stepping stone for thousands of young minds who aspire to contribute to the state’s progress and take charge of their destinies.

About Nabanna Scholarship 2024

The Government of West Bengal has initiated a novel scholarship program designed to extend educational opportunities to financially disadvantaged students within the state. This scheme is geared towards offering financial support to exceptional students, thereby enabling them to pursue higher education without the constraints of financial burdens. The primary objective of the Nabanna Scholarship is to ensure that students facing financial hardships have unhindered access to quality education. As a result, the scheme seeks to alleviate the financial worries that often deter students from continuing their educational journeys. All aspiring candidates interested in applying for this program are required to visit the official website of the West Bengal Government.

Details Of Nabanna Scholarship

Name of the schemeNabanna Scholarship
Launched byGovernment of West Bengal
BeneficiariesStudent of the state
ObjectiveTo promote higher education
BenefitsStudents will be able to achieve goals in their studies
Scholarship AmountRs. 10,000 per year
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Official WebsiteNabanna

Objective Of Nabanna Scholarship

It is a well-acknowledged fact that numerous students face the disheartening barrier of insufficient financial resources, hindering their pursuit of higher education and leaving their dreams unfulfilled. In response to this pressing issue, the government of West Bengal has introduced an innovative program named the Nabanna Scholarship. This initiative is aimed at extending crucial financial aid to deserving and underprivileged students within the state. The fundamental goal of introducing this scheme is to empower students with the opportunity to secure a brighter future through the pursuit of higher education.

Schedule Of Nabanna Scholarship

EventsImportant Dates
First date to applyAvailable any time of the current season
Last date to applyNo last date is applicable

Rewards Under Nabanna Scholarship

The Nabanna Scholarship offers valuable rewards to eligible students, and the details of the reward distribution process are as follows:

  • Upon submission of the application form, it will be forwarded to the District Magistrate (DM) or the Commissioner of Police for thorough verification.

  • Following the verification process, successful applicants will receive financial assistance of Rs 10,000 annually.

  • To keep track of their application status, students can conveniently access the list of approved recipients on the official website, ensuring transparency and accessibility throughout the scholarship application process.

Selection Criteria Of Nabanna Scholarship

To qualify for the benefits of the Nabanna Scholarship, applicants must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Academic Merit: Selection is primarily based on the applicant’s academic performance or marks obtained in their previous examinations. The higher the academic merit, the greater the chances of being selected for the scholarship.

  • Processing by Chief Minister’s Office and CMRF Cell: After the merit-based selection, the further processing of financial assistance will be undertaken by the Chief Minister’s Office and the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) Cell. This ensures a streamlined and efficient administration of the scholarship program.

  • Direct Fund Transfer: Once the processing is complete, the financial assistance will be directly transferred into the bank accounts of the selected beneficiaries. This direct fund transfer mechanism ensures that the scholarship funds reach the deserving students without any delays or intermediaries, facilitating timely financial support for their education.

Benefits & Features Of Nabanna Scholarship

The Nabanna Scholarship is a significant initiative by the Government of West Bengal aimed at providing financial support and empowerment to deserving students pursuing higher education. The program offers several benefits and features, which are as follows:

  • Financial Assistance: The primary feature of the Nabanna Scholarship is the provision of financial aid to students. Recipients are awarded an annual scholarship amount, which can help cover their educational expenses, reducing the financial burden of pursuing higher studies.

  • Merit-Based Selection: The scholarship is awarded based on the academic merit or performance of students in their previous examinations. This ensures that deserving and talented students are recognized and supported.

  • Inclusive: The scholarship is open to students from all communities and backgrounds, promoting diversity and inclusivity. It does not discriminate on the basis of caste, religion, or gender, making it accessible to a wide range of students.

  • Streamlined Application Process: The application process for the scholarship is typically straightforward and accessible. Interested students can apply online through the official website of the Government of West Bengal, making it convenient and efficient.

  • Transparency: The selection and approval process for the scholarship is transparent. The list of approved beneficiaries is published on the official website, allowing students to easily check the status of their applications.

  • Direct Fund Transfer: Once selected, the scholarship amount is directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. This eliminates intermediaries and ensures that the financial aid reaches the students promptly.

  • Renewable: In many cases, the Nabanna Scholarship is renewable for subsequent years of study, provided that the students continue to meet the academic performance criteria.

  • Empowerment: By providing financial support for higher education, the scholarship empowers students to pursue their academic and career aspirations without being hindered by financial constraints.

  • Community Development: The scholarship contributes to the overall development of the community by facilitating the education of talented individuals who can later contribute to the growth and progress of West Bengal.

  • Government Commitment: The Nabanna Scholarship reflects the government’s commitment to creating a knowledge-based society and investing in the education and future of its youth.

The Nabanna Scholarship is a well-structured and inclusive program that offers financial aid to meritorious students, enabling them to access higher education and work toward a brighter future, while promoting inclusivity and transparency in the process.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Nabanna Scholarship and avail its benefits, applicants are required to meet the following specific eligibility criteria:

  • 10th Examination Marks: The applicant must have achieved a minimum of 65% of marks in their 10th standard examination.

  • 12th Class Examination Marks: A minimum of 60% of marks in the 12th class examination is required to be eligible for the scholarship.

  • Graduation Examination Marks: For eligibility, the applicant must have attained a minimum of 55% of marks in their graduation examination.

  • Permanent Resident: The applicant must be a permanent resident of West Bengal, as the scholarship is typically reserved for residents of the state.

  • Non-Availability of Other Scholarships: Applicants should not be availing benefits from any other scholarship scheme while applying for the Nabanna Scholarship.

  • Admission in Recognized Institutes: To be eligible, applicants must have secured admission in an institute of their choice that is affiliated with the state board, CBSE, or a state-aided university in West Bengal. This ensures that the scholarship is used to support education in institutions recognized by the state.

  • Annual Family Income: The annual family income of the applicant’s household should not exceed Rs. 60,000 to be eligible for the scholarship. This criterion helps target students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Meeting these eligibility criteria is essential for students to qualify for the Nabanna Scholarship and access the financial assistance it provides for their higher education.

Important Documents

To avail the benefits of the Nabanna Scholarship, applicants are typically required to submit the following documents:

  • Aadhar Card: Proof of identity, such as an Aadhar card, is often required for verification purposes.

  • Rank Card and Allotment Letter: The rank card and allotment letter from the selection committee may be necessary to confirm your eligibility and selection.

  • Marksheets: Marksheets from previous year’s examinations, including 10th, 12th, and graduation (if applicable), to demonstrate academic performance and eligibility based on marks obtained.

  • Income Certificate: An income certificate is essential to confirm that the annual family income does not exceed the specified threshold, which is typically Rs. 60,000.

  • Caste Certificate: If applicable, a caste certificate may be required for students belonging to reserved categories, as it can impact the selection process.

  • Bank Account Passbook: Providing a bank account passbook is crucial for the direct transfer of the scholarship funds to the beneficiary’s account.

  • Self-Declaration Form: A self-declaration form may be needed to confirm various aspects of eligibility, such as not availing of other scholarship schemes and being a permanent resident of West Bengal.

  • Admission Fee Book: Proof of admission, often in the form of an admission fee book, is typically required to show that the student has gained admission to a recognized institution.

  • Mobile Number: Contact information, including a mobile number, is usually required for communication and updates regarding the scholarship.

  • Passport Size Photograph: A passport-size photograph is often necessary for application and identification purposes.

Process To Apply Under Scholarship 2023

For those eager to avail the benefits of the Nabanna Scholarship, the application process is as follows:

  • Visit the Official Nabanna Website: Commence by visiting the official Nabanna website of the Government of West Bengal.

  • Access the Homepage: Once on the website, you will be directed to the homepage.

  • Select the Application Form: On the homepage, locate and click on the “Nabanna Scholarship Application Form” option.

  • Download the Form: Download the scholarship application form from the website.

  • Print and Complete the Form: After downloading, print out the form and diligently fill in all the required details.

  • Attach Essential Documents: Attach all the necessary supporting documents to your completed application form.

  • Submit Your Application: Send the filled application form, along with the attached documents, via ordinary post or drop it in the designated Dropbox.

  • Send to the Following Address:

    Nabanna, 14th Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Shibpur, Howrah-711102

By following this straightforward procedure, interested applicants can initiate their application for the Nabanna Scholarship and take the first step towards accessing valuable financial support for their higher education.

Contact Information

  • Address- West Bengal Government Nabanna, 14th Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Shibpur, Howrah-711102
  • Helpline Number- 033 2214 5555/ 2214-3101
  • Fax- 033-2214-3528
  • Email- [email protected]

FAQs – Nabanna Scholarship

1. What is the Nabanna Scholarship?

The Nabanna Scholarship is a government initiative in West Bengal, India, aimed at providing financial support to deserving students to help them pursue higher education.

2. Who is eligible to apply for the Nabanna Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, students who have secured a certain percentage of marks in their previous exams, are permanent residents of West Bengal, and have not availed of other scholarship schemes are eligible to apply.

3. How can I apply for the Nabanna Scholarship?

To apply, visit the official Nabanna website, download the application form, fill it out, attach the required documents, and send the application to the specified address via ordinary post or Dropbox.

4. What documents are required for the scholarship application?

Commonly required documents include Aadhar card, marksheets of previous exams, income certificate, caste certificate (if applicable), bank account passbook, self-declaration form, admission fee book, mobile number, and passport-size photograph. However, exact requirements may vary.

5. What is the annual family income limit to be eligible for the scholarship?

The annual family income limit is typically set at Rs. 60,000, but this can vary, so it’s important to check the specific criteria for the current year.

6. Is the scholarship renewable for multiple years?

In some cases, the Nabanna Scholarship is renewable for subsequent years, provided that the student maintains the required academic performance.

7. How are scholarship funds disbursed?

Scholarship funds are usually directly transferred to the bank accounts of the selected beneficiaries.

8. When is the application deadline for the Nabanna Scholarship?

Application deadlines can vary from year to year. It’s essential to check the official website for the most up-to-date information on application deadlines.

9. Can I apply for other scholarships in addition to the Nabanna Scholarship?

Typically, applicants are not allowed to avail of other scholarship schemes while applying for the Nabanna Scholarship. It’s important to confirm this from the official guidelines.

10. Where can I check the list of selected candidates and the status of my application?

The list of approved candidates is usually available on the official website, and applicants can check the status of their applications there as well.


In conclusion, the Nabanna Scholarship, initiated by the Government of West Bengal, stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for countless students with dreams of pursuing higher education. This scholarship program embodies the government’s commitment to fostering talent, promoting inclusivity, and investing in the education of its youth. The Nabanna Scholarship is not merely a financial aid program; it is a symbol of hope, opportunity, and commitment to a brighter future for students in West Bengal. It is a testament to the power of education and the government’s dedication to creating a more prosperous and equitable society through knowledge and learning.

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