ONGC Scholarship 2024: Apply Online and Last Date

Education has long been hailed as the cornerstone of human progress and societal development. It is the key that unlocks doors of opportunity, enabling individuals to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the world. However, for many, the path to education is fraught with financial hurdles that can impede their dreams of academic excellence. Recognizing this challenge, ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation), India’s premier energy company, has taken a commendable step towards fostering the educational aspirations of deserving students by offering ONGC Scholarships.

The ONGC Scholarship program is a testament to the organization’s commitment to nurturing talent, promoting excellence, and fostering the next generation of leaders in various fields. This initiative not only supports students financially but also encourages them to pursue their educational goals with zeal and determination.

One of the standout features of the ONGC Scholarship is its inclusivity. The program is designed to benefit students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that no talented individual is left behind due to financial constraints. Whether you are pursuing engineering, medical, management, or any other professional course, the ONGC Scholarship opens doors to students across India, giving them a fair chance to achieve their academic aspirations.

The ONGC Scholarship program provides financial assistance to meritorious and economically disadvantaged students, making higher education accessible to a wider range of individuals. It not only covers tuition fees but also offers a monthly stipend to help students meet their living expenses, making it easier for them to focus on their studies without worrying about financial burdens.

ONGC’s dedication to empowering students through scholarships is not only a noble endeavor but also an investment in the future of the nation. As scholarship recipients go on to excel in their chosen fields, they become torchbearers of change and progress, contributing to the development of India and the world. The ONGC Scholarship is, therefore, a beacon of hope for countless students, illuminating the path to a brighter future, and exemplifying the transformative power of education.

About ONGC Organisation

ONGC, a prominent national oil and gas company, is renowned for its pioneering work in the energy sector. Beyond its core operations, ONGC also boasts a dedicated Foundation unit committed to creating a positive impact on society. This Foundation plays a pivotal role in administering a diverse range of scholarship schemes with the overarching goal of ensuring that every student in the nation has access to high-quality education.

The ONGC Scholarship program serves a multifaceted purpose by actively supporting activities, initiatives, and projects centered around corporate social responsibility. With a robust presence across multiple states in the country, this Foundation is diligently engaged in initiatives aimed at uplifting the social and economic well-being of citizens. Notably, the Foundation places special emphasis on addressing the needs of marginalized and underserved segments of the population through the implementation of various schemes. The ultimate objective is to catalyze the enhancement of the social and financial status of citizens, thereby contributing to a more equitable and prosperous society.

Overview of ONGC Scholarship

The ONGC Scholarship program, initiated by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, aims to extend financial support to students from all backgrounds. This comprehensive scholarship scheme is designed to ensure that students of all categories have equal access to quality education. To ensure that the benefits reach those in genuine need, the government has established specific income criteria for eligibility.

The ONGC Scholarship program is a game-changer for students, as it alleviates the burden of financing their education from external sources. Under this program, the corporation will provide financial assistance of up to Rs 4000 per month, offering a significant boost to students pursuing higher education. The disbursement of this financial aid will be facilitated through the direct benefit transfer method, ensuring that the funds are directly credited to the beneficiary’s bank account. This streamlined process minimizes any hurdles in receiving the assistance, making it more convenient for students to focus on their academic pursuits.

Key Highlights of ONGC Scholarship 2023

Name of the schemeONGC Scholarship 2024
Launched byOil and gas corporation limited
BeneficiaryStudents of the country
ObjectiveTo provides scholarship for pursuing higher education
Official websiteClick Here

Benefits of ONGC Scholarship

ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) offers scholarships to students pursuing various professional courses at different levels of education. These scholarships provide several benefits to the recipients:

  • Financial Assistance: ONGC scholarships provide financial support to students, helping them cover their educational expenses such as tuition fees, books, and other related costs. This financial assistance can significantly reduce the burden of educational expenses on students and their families.

  • Merit-Based Support: ONGC scholarships are typically awarded based on merit. This means that students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and potential are more likely to receive these scholarships. This recognition of merit can motivate students to excel in their studies.

  • Inclusivity: ONGC scholarships are open to students from various categories, including General, OBC, SC, and ST. This inclusivity ensures that students from diverse backgrounds have access to financial support to pursue their educational goals.

  • Professional Courses: ONGC scholarships are often available for students pursuing professional courses in fields such as engineering, medical, and management. These courses can be expensive, and the scholarships can help aspiring professionals achieve their educational and career aspirations.

  • Career Opportunities: ONGC, being a major public sector enterprise in the oil and gas industry, may also offer internship and job opportunities to scholarship recipients. This can provide students with valuable work experience and potential career prospects within the company.

  • Educational Support: In addition to financial assistance, ONGC may also provide other forms of support, such as mentorship, counseling, and guidance to help students succeed in their academic and professional pursuits.

  • Recognition and Prestige: Receiving an ONGC scholarship is a mark of recognition and prestige. It can enhance a student’s resume and open doors to other opportunities and scholarships.

  • Social Responsibility: ONGC’s scholarship program reflects the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility by investing in the education and development of young talent. This not only benefits individual students but also contributes to the overall socio-economic development of the region.

  • Long-Term Impact: ONGC scholarships can have a lasting impact on a student’s life by enabling them to complete their education and pursue successful careers, ultimately contributing to their personal growth and the development of their communities.

Documents Required

It seems like you’ve listed a variety of documents and information that are often required or useful for various purposes, such as applying for government services, scholarships, or other official processes. Here’s a brief explanation of each of these items:

  • Aadhar Card: A unique identification card that contains a 12-digit Aadhar number and biometric data. It is often required for various government and financial transactions in India.

  • Residence Certificate: A document that proves your place of residence and is often used for various official purposes, such as applying for government schemes or services.

  • Passport Size Photograph: Small photographs that are typically required for identity documents, applications, and various official forms.

  • Mobile Number: Your personal mobile phone number, which is often used for communication, verification, and authentication purposes.

  • Email ID: Your email address, which is used for communication, online services, and official correspondence.

  • Income Certificate: A document that certifies your income, often required for various government schemes, subsidies, or scholarships. It helps determine eligibility based on income criteria.

  • Bank Account Details: Information about your bank account, including the account number and bank’s IFSC code, is often needed for financial transactions, subsidies, and scholarship disbursements.

  • PAN Card (Permanent Account Number): A unique 10-digit alphanumeric code issued by the Income Tax Department in India. It is often required for financial transactions and tax-related purposes.

  • Proof of Age: A document such as a birth certificate, school certificate, or Aadhar card, which verifies your date of birth. It is often required for age-related benefits and services.

  • Caste Certificate: A document certifying your caste or community status, often used for reservation and affirmative action purposes in India.

  • Marksheet: Academic records or certificates indicating your educational achievements, such as school or college marksheets. These may be required for various educational or employment-related applications.

These documents and information can vary in their requirements and usage depending on the specific purpose or application. It’s essential to provide accurate and up-to-date information when required, as it helps streamline various processes and ensures that you can access government services, scholarships, and other benefits for which you may be eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

It appears that you have provided eligibility criteria for a particular scholarship or program. These criteria are used to determine who is eligible to apply for and potentially receive the benefits of the scholarship or program. Let’s break down the eligibility criteria you’ve mentioned:

  • Permanent Resident of India: To be eligible for this scholarship or program, the applicant must be a permanent resident of India. This means that the applicant should have their primary residence in India.

  • Age Limit of 30 Years: The age of the applicant should not exceed 30 years. This is a maximum age limit, and applicants older than 30 years may not be eligible.

  • Income Limit of Rs 2 Lakh Per Annum: The applicant’s annual income should not exceed Rs 2 lakh. This income limit is used to ensure that the scholarship or program benefits those with limited financial means.

  • Minimum 60% Marks in Class 12th Board Examination: The applicant should have secured at least 60% marks in their Class 12th board examination. This academic criterion is used to identify academically meritorious students.

  • Higher Income Limit for Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe: In the case of applicants belonging to the Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, the annual family income limit is higher, set at Rs 4.5 lakh. This recognizes the need for higher income limits for certain disadvantaged groups.

These eligibility criteria help in ensuring that the scholarship or program is targeted towards students who meet specific demographic and financial conditions and who have demonstrated academic excellence. It’s important for applicants to meet all the criteria to be considered eligible for the scholarship or program.

Reward Details

The beneficiaries will qualify to receive a monthly financial aid of Rs 4000.

Important Dates

  • Application starting date- To be launched soon
  • Last date to apply- To be launched soon

Selection Process

The process you’ve described outlines the typical steps involved in applying for and receiving benefits from a scholarship or financial assistance program. Let’s break down these steps:

  • Check Eligibility: The first step for potential beneficiaries is to determine if they meet the eligibility criteria set by the scholarship or financial assistance program. This often involves confirming that they meet age, income, academic, and other specified requirements.

  • Fill Out Application Form: Once eligibility is confirmed, applicants are required to complete and submit an application form. This form typically gathers essential information about the applicant, such as personal details, academic records, income information, and other relevant documentation.

  • Verification: After receiving the application, the program authorities or administrators will review and verify the submitted information. They may conduct checks to ensure that the information provided is accurate and that the applicant indeed meets the eligibility criteria.

  • Disbursement of Financial Assistance: If the application is successfully verified, and the applicant is found eligible, the next step involves the disbursement of financial assistance. This assistance is often credited directly to the bank account of the beneficiaries, making it easily accessible for educational expenses.

  • Priority for Lower-Income Groups: Some scholarship programs prioritize candidates from lower-income groups. This prioritization aims to provide support to those who may face more significant financial barriers to education.

  • Maintaining Academic Records: Many scholarship programs require recipients to maintain a certain level of academic performance throughout the duration of their studies. This is done to ensure that the financial assistance is being utilized for educational purposes and to encourage academic excellence.

It’s essential for applicants to follow these steps diligently and provide accurate information throughout the application process. Additionally, they should comply with any ongoing requirements, such as maintaining their academic records, to continue receiving the benefits of the scholarship or financial assistance program. Following the rules and guidelines of the program is crucial to its success and the effective distribution of support to eligible candidates.

How to Apply ONGC Scholarship Online 2023

To access the ONGC scholarship webpage, please click on the provided link.

After clicking the link, the scholarship homepage will appear on your screen. Next, proceed to select the “Apply For The Scholarship” option.

  • Select your preferred scholarship option from the options displayed on your screen.
  • The scholarship guidelines will be presented on your screen. Carefully review these guidelines and tick mark the declaration.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • The application form will then appear on your screen.
  • Complete the application form by entering all the required personal information.
  • Upload all the necessary documents and complete the application.
  • Once the application is successfully filled out, take a printout of the completed form.
  • Submit the printed application to the relevant office of the organization.

ONGC Scholarship Login

To access the portal, beneficiaries should follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Login” option located on the homepage.
  • This action will direct you to a new page.
  • On this page, provide your login ID and password in the designated fields.
  • Click the “Sign In” button to proceed.
  • By following these steps, you can successfully log in to the portal.

Renewal of ONGC Scholarship


Contact Details

  • Telephone: 011-22406854, 011-22406859 (Office timing 10am-5pm)
  • Email: [email protected]

FAQs – ONGC Scholarship

What is the ONGC Scholarship program?

The ONGC Scholarship program is an initiative by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited to provide financial assistance to students pursuing higher education.

Who is eligible for the ONGC Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but it typically includes factors like income, academic performance, and course of study. Specific eligibility details can be found on the ONGC scholarship portal.

How can I apply for the ONGC Scholarship?

To apply for the ONGC Scholarship, visit the official scholarship portal, select your desired scholarship option, and follow the application process outlined there.

What documents are required for the scholarship application?

Necessary documents often include proof of income, academic certificates, residence certificates, and other supporting documents. Please refer to the application guidelines for the complete list of required documents.

How much financial assistance does the ONGC Scholarship provide?

The ONGC Scholarship offers a monthly financial aid of Rs 4000 to eligible beneficiaries.

When is the application deadline for the ONGC Scholarship?

Application deadlines can vary from year to year. It is advisable to check the official scholarship portal for the most up-to-date information on application deadlines.

How can I check the status of my scholarship application?

The scholarship portal typically provides a feature for applicants to check the status of their applications. Log in to your account on the portal to access this information.

What courses or fields of study are covered by the ONGC Scholarship?

The ONGC Scholarship supports students pursuing various courses, including engineering, medical, management, and more. Specific details about eligible courses are available on the scholarship portal.

Can I reapply for the ONGC Scholarship in subsequent years?

Scholarship renewal policies may vary. Please refer to the official scholarship guidelines for information on reapplying or renewing the scholarship.

Where can I get more information or assistance regarding the ONGC Scholarship?

For additional information and support, visit the ONGC scholarship portal or contact the designated authorities through the provided contact details on the portal.


In conclusion, the ONGC Scholarship program stands as a beacon of hope for countless students across India, embodying the spirit of empowerment and education. This initiative, facilitated by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, is a testament to the corporation’s commitment to fostering the growth and development of the nation’s youth. By providing much-needed financial support, ONGC ensures that deserving students, regardless of their economic backgrounds, have the opportunity to access quality education.

The ONGC Scholarship program not only eases the financial burdens of higher education but also encourages academic excellence and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. The financial assistance, set at a substantial Rs 4000 per month, makes it feasible for students to concentrate on their studies without the stress of financial constraints.

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