UP Free Laptop Yojana – Online Registration, Status, Date 2023-24

The UP Free Laptop Yojana 2023, initiated by the Uttar Pradesh government, is a commendable step towards promoting education and embracing technological progress. Geared towards deserving students who have successfully cleared their 10th and 12th examinations under the UP Board, the scheme aims to empower them with free laptops.

The primary objective of this program is to equip students with the necessary tools and resources to excel in their educational journey. By providing laptops, the government envisions bridging the digital divide and enhancing access to information and knowledge. This, in turn, is expected to bolster students’ learning experience and foster their academic growth.

UP Free Laptop Yojanas

To participate in the UP Free Laptop Scheme, interested students must register online through the official website of the UP government. The registration process is likely to be user-friendly, ensuring easy accessibility for eligible candidates. Through a comprehensive application process, the government aims to identify deserving students and extend the benefits of the scheme to those who genuinely require assistance.

By focusing on education and technological empowerment, the UP Free Laptop Yojana 2023 seeks to nurture a skilled and knowledgeable youth population, poised to contribute meaningfully to society and the country’s overall development. This progressive initiative marks a positive stride in nurturing future leaders and driving progress through education and technology.

Up Free Laptop Yojana 2023: Overview

Scheme NameUP Free Laptop Yojana
Launched ByGovernment of UP
StateUttar Pradesh (UP)
Scheme Year2023
Eligibility10th & 12th Pass Students
Application ModeApply Online
Registration Start DateComing Soon
Official Websiteupcmo.up.nic.in

Required Documents for Registration

The registration process for the Free Laptop Scheme initiated by the Uttar Pradesh government necessitates the submission of the following essential documents:

  • Certificate of Educational Qualification
  • Valid Identity Proof
  • Income Certificate
  • Proof of Residence
  • Recent Passport-sized Photograph
  • Bank Account Information
  • PAN Card

Objective of UP Free Laptop Yojana

The UP Free Laptop Scheme 2023 is a significant initiative by the Yogi government, designed to empower talented students in Uttar Pradesh. By providing free laptops, the scheme aims to foster a better future for the bright minds of the state.

This program will equip students with essential technological tools, enabling them to access information, enhance their learning, and expand their knowledge horizons.

Through this visionary project, the government aspires to bridge the digital divide and promote digital literacy among the youth, ultimately contributing to their academic and professional growth. The Free Laptop Scheme stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to nurturing the potential of Uttar Pradesh’s young talents.

Features of UP Free Laptop Scheme

The UP Free Laptop Scheme comes with several notable features to support and enhance the educational opportunities for students in Uttar Pradesh. Some of the key features of the scheme include:

  • Free Laptops: As the name suggests, the scheme provides free laptops to eligible students of 10th and 12th grades in Uttar Pradesh. These laptops are intended to aid students in their studies and promote digital learning.
  • Empowering Education: The main objective of the scheme is to empower students with technological resources, which can potentially improve their learning experience and academic performance.
  • Technological Advancement: By providing laptops to a large number of students, the scheme aims to boost technological advancement in the state, encouraging digital literacy and familiarity with modern technology.
  • Targeted Beneficiaries: The scheme targets students in the 10th and 12th grades, acknowledging the significance of these grades in a student’s educational journey and facilitating access to technology at a crucial stage.
  • Enhancing Technical Skills: Through the use of laptops, students can develop essential technical skills, such as computer literacy and proficiency in using software applications, which are increasingly relevant in today’s world.
  • Digital Learning Resources: Laptops open up access to a vast array of educational resources available online, including e-books, study materials, and interactive learning platforms, enriching the learning process.
  • Bridging the Digital Divide: The scheme seeks to bridge the digital divide by providing laptops to students who may not have had access to such technology otherwise, thereby promoting more equitable educational opportunities.
  • Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for the free laptop, students must meet certain academic criteria, such as achieving a minimum score of 65% to 70% in their examinations.
  • Large-Scale Impact: With the scheme benefiting approximately 1 crore youth in Uttar Pradesh, it aims to make a significant impact on the educational landscape and technological progress within the state.
  • Government Initiative: The Free Laptop Scheme is a government-led initiative, reflecting the commitment of the state government to invest in the education and future prospects of its youth.

Student List for UP Free Laptop Yojana 2023

10th Class Toppers list with Percentage

10th Class Toppers listPercentage
Riya Jain96.67
Abhimanyu Verma95.83
Yogesh Pratap Singh95.33
Shivani Verma94.83
Shobhit Kumar94.83
Anshika Baghel94.67
Nitish Kumar94.67
Himanshu Vishwakarma94.67
Nishant Patel94.50
Deeksha Pandey94.50
Ujjwal Tomar94.50
Rishab Singh94.50
Arpit Yadav94.33
Aastha Srivastava94.33
Arpit Verma94.33
Bhanvi Dwivedi94.17
Ankit Agnihotri94.17
Akash Rawat94.17
Ankush Dubey94.00
Shobhit Verma94.00
Roshan Chaurasia94.00
Gargi Yadav94.00
Akash Kushwaha94.00
Alisha Ansari94.00
Arshima Sheikh93.83
Arshad Iqbal93.83
Vaishali Sharma93.83

12Th Class Toppers List with Percentage

12Th Class Toppers ListPercentage
Anurag Malik97.00
Pranjal Singh96.00
Utkarsh Shukla94.80
Vaibhav Dwivedi94.40
Garima Kaushik93.80
Pooja Maurya93.60
Ankush Rathore / Manu Mishra93.00

Eligibility for UP Free Laptop Scheme

To qualify for the UP Free Laptop Scheme, applicants must have successfully completed their 10th or 12th grade education in the state of Uttar Pradesh and express a desire to take advantage of its offerings. Full information regarding the eligibility requirements for the UP Free Laptop Scheme is available in the table provided below.

Eligibility10th & 12th Pass
ResidenceUttar Pradesh

Steps to Online Registration for the Uttar Pradesh Free Laptop Yojana

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh and interested in applying for the Free Laptop Scheme through online means, you can follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the Uttar Pradesh government at up.gov.in to access detailed information regarding the scheme.
  • Look for the official notification link, which will provide comprehensive details about the Free Laptop Scheme.
  • Access the online registration form through the link-upcmo.up.nic.in (Please note that the link will be activated soon).
  • Once you land on the homepage, locate and click on the “Up Free Laptop Yojana Online Form” link.
  • A new window will appear, prompting you to complete the application form with the required details.
  • Double-check all the information you have provided and then proceed to submit the form.
  • For your records, it is advisable to take a printout of the Up Free Laptop Yojana Form after successfully submitting it online.

Important Dates

The Uttar Pradesh government is set to unveil the online registration process for the UP Free Laptop Scheme in the near future. The official announcement regarding the registration date for the UP Free Laptop Yojana 2023 will be made shortly. To stay updated, you can refer to the table below, which provides information on registration dates and other relevant details pertaining to the scheme.

Scheme Announcement19 August 2021
Registration Start DateMay 2023
Registration Last DateUpdated Soon

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – UP Free Laptop Yojna

What is the Uttar Pradesh Free Laptop Yojana?

The Uttar Pradesh Free Laptop Yojana is a government initiative aimed at providing free laptops to eligible students across the state. The scheme is designed to empower students with access to technology and digital resources for educational purposes.

Who is eligible to benefit from the scheme?

The scheme’s eligibility criteria may vary, but typically, students who have completed a certain level of education, such as high school or intermediate, and meet specific income or academic performance criteria may qualify to receive a free laptop under this Yojana.

How can students apply for the UP Free Laptop Yojana?

To apply for the UP Free Laptop Yojana, eligible students need to follow the online registration process, which is usually announced by the Uttar Pradesh government. Applicants must fill out the required forms and provide necessary documents to prove their eligibility.

What documents are required for the application process?

While the specific documents may differ depending on the scheme’s guidelines, applicants typically need to submit documents such as proof of identity, educational certificates, residence proof, and income certificates to support their application for a free laptop.

What is the purpose behind the distribution of free laptops?

The primary purpose of distributing free laptops is to bridge the digital divide and empower students with access to information and educational resources. Laptops enable students to explore the vast world of knowledge, conduct research, and enhance their learning experiences.

How does the government fund the UP Free Laptop Yojana?

The funding for the UP Free Laptop Yojana is generally provided by the state government through budget allocations. The government may also receive financial support from central schemes or corporate sponsorships in some cases.

Is there any specific timeline for the distribution of laptops?

The distribution timeline for laptops can vary based on factors like the number of applicants, availability of funds, and logistical considerations. After the completion of the application process, the government aims to distribute laptops as efficiently as possible.

Are there any additional benefits for students beyond the laptops?

In some cases, the UP Free Laptop Yojana may offer additional benefits to students, such as pre-installed educational software, access to digital learning platforms, or internet connectivity assistance to ensure students can make the most of their laptops for academic purposes.

Can students from all educational streams apply for the scheme?

Yes, the UP Free Laptop Yojana typically aims to benefit students from various educational streams, including arts, science, commerce, and vocational courses, as long as they meet the specified eligibility criteria.

What happens if a laptop develops technical issues or gets damaged?

In case of technical issues or damages, the UP Free Laptop Yojana may offer provisions for repair or replacement, depending on the warranty or terms and conditions provided by the laptop manufacturer or distributor.


The Uttar Pradesh Free Laptop Yojana stands as a commendable government initiative aimed at empowering students with digital access to educational resources. By bridging the digital divide, the scheme equips eligible students with laptops, fostering a conducive learning environment and enabling them to explore the vast world of knowledge.

The program’s success hinges on efficient implementation, timely distribution, and adherence to transparent guidelines. As technology continues to play a pivotal role in education, the scheme’s impact on students’ academic growth and opportunities is likely to be substantial. It is essential to continue supporting such initiatives to create a more digitally inclusive and empowered society.

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