Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 Result: Class 9 and 10 for Layer 1, and 2 Declared

Welcome to the exciting world of intellectual competition and scientific excellence as we delve into the much-anticipated results of the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023. This prestigious event, named in honor of the renowned Indian polymath and social reformer, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, has brought together some of the brightest young minds from across the nation to showcase their prowess in the fields of science, mathematics, and technology.

The Vidyasagar Science Olympiad, held annually, has become a symbol of academic excellence, fostering a spirit of innovation and scientific curiosity among the youth. In this introduction, we embark on a journey to discover the achievements and exceptional talents of the participants who have demonstrated their dedication and passion for science, making the 2023 edition of this Olympiad a remarkable milestone in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

The results of the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 will be released by the organizing body, Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search (JBNSTS), located in West Bengal, India. These results will be made available once the Olympiad has been successfully concluded by the organizing authorities. Students who participated in this prestigious competition can access their results by visiting the official website of JBNSTS. This will allow them to determine whether they have qualified for the next stage of the Olympiad.

It’s important to note that the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 is exclusively open to students who are permanent residents of West Bengal and are currently enrolled in either the 9th or 10th grade at schools within the state. The Olympiad covers a range of subjects, including Physical Science, Life Science, and Mathematical Science.

Importance of Vidyasagar Science Olympiad

The Vidyasagar Science Olympiad stands as a distinguished program meticulously crafted to administer competitive examinations within the West Bengal State, serving the dual purpose of acquainting students with the dynamics of competitive assessments conducted throughout India at diverse levels. Aiming to foster academic excellence and acumen, this initiative extends an invaluable opportunity to the top 20% of students who secure scores exceeding the 40% benchmark, granting them access to the coveted second level of the examination.

Progressing to this second tier necessitates unwavering dedication and unwavering commitment from the students, as they embark on a fresh challenge, vying for supremacy in the Olympiad’s highest echelons. The top 100 performers in the Olympiad not only earn distinction but also become eligible for financial incentives, further incentivizing their pursuit of knowledge.

Beyond recognition and rewards, the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad also offers students a platform for holistic learning. The examination’s intricate and demanding questions serve as a crucible for intellectual growth, arming participants with invaluable experience and bolstering their confidence levels. This rigorous preparation equips them with the skills and assurance needed to excel in their annual examinations, instilling a sense of competence and self-assuredness. Thus, the Olympiad emerges not just as a competition but as a profound learning opportunity that empowers West Bengal’s students on their educational journeys.

Announcement of Result

The Vidyasagar Science Olympiad is a prestigious program designed to offer competitive examinations to students in the West Bengal State. Its primary aim is to help students become well-acquainted with the competitive exam format prevalent in India across various levels. To progress to the second stage of the competition, students must perform exceptionally, with only the top 20% scoring above 40% marks advancing.

For those who make it to the second level, the competition intensifies as they vie for the ultimate championship. Among the rewards for excelling in this Olympiad, the top 100 performers will receive financial benefits.

Participation in the Olympiad not only serves as a test of knowledge but also as a valuable learning opportunity. The questions presented in the Olympiad are deliberately complex, offering students the chance to hone their problem-solving skills and build the confidence needed for their annual exams.

Dates of the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad Result

Candidates can conveniently access essential information regarding scholarship result dates via the table provided below:

Examination NameDate
Admit Card for Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 Layer 120-04-2023 to 07-05-2023
Last date of applicationApril 7, 2023
Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 Layer 17th May, 2023
Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 Layer 2TBA
Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 Layer 3TBA

How the result will be announced?

The Vidyasagar Science Olympiad is an esteemed program designed to administer competitive exams within the West Bengal State, with the primary objective of acquainting students with the rigors of competitive examinations held across various levels in India. To progress to the second stage of the examination, students must rank within the top 20%, securing scores exceeding 40%. Attaining this milestone demands diligent effort on the part of the students, who subsequently compete at the highest level of the Olympiad.

Remarkably, the top 100 achievers in the Olympiad stand to gain financial benefits, serving as a motivating incentive. Additionally, participating students are presented with valuable learning opportunities. The Olympiad questions are deliberately intricate, providing students with excellent practice, thereby enhancing their confidence levels as they prepare for their annual examinations. This program aims to equip West Bengal students with the skills and experience needed to excel in India’s competitive academic landscape.

Where and how to check the result?

The outcomes of the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 will be accessible through the official website of JBNSTS, which can be found at Students will be able to access their results by providing their roll number and any other necessary information on the designated result portal. Furthermore, the names of the highest-achieving students will be posted on the website. The specific date for the result announcement will be communicated post-examination. To stay informed and receive notifications regarding the Olympiad results, it is recommended that individuals regularly monitor the official website.


Benefits of the Olympiad Result

The Olympiad result offers several benefits to students and educational stakeholders:

  • Recognition and Prestige: Achieving high rankings in an Olympiad is prestigious and reflects a student’s exceptional academic abilities. It can be a source of pride for both the student and their school.
  • Scholarships and Prizes: Many Olympiad programs offer scholarships, cash prizes, or other incentives to top-performing students. These rewards can help with future educational expenses or personal development.
  • Educational Opportunities: Olympiad success can open doors to various educational opportunities, including admissions to esteemed institutions, research programs, or advanced courses.
  • Boosted Confidence: Doing well in an Olympiad can boost a student’s self-esteem and confidence, making them more motivated to excel in their academic pursuits.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Olympiad questions are often challenging and require creative problem-solving. Preparing for and participating in Olympiads can significantly improve a student’s critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Resume/CV Enhancement: High performance in Olympiads can bolster a student’s resume or CV, making them stand out in college and job applications.
  • Career Advancement: Olympiad achievements in specific subjects may align with a student’s career interests, potentially opening doors in fields such as science, mathematics, or engineering.
  • Motivation for Learning: Olympiads can inspire students to delve deeper into their chosen subjects, fostering a love for learning and curiosity.
  • National and International Exposure: Top-performing students in national or international Olympiads often gain recognition not only within their country but also on a global scale, leading to international opportunities.
  • Benchmarking and Assessment: Olympiads serve as a valuable benchmark to assess a student’s knowledge and skills against a competitive and diverse pool of participants.
  • Networking: Participation in Olympiad programs allows students to network with peers who share similar interests and passions, potentially leading to collaborations or friendships.
  • Future Career Opportunities: For students interested in academic or research careers, Olympiad achievements can be a significant asset when applying for scholarships, research grants, or academic positions.

Olympiad results can have far-reaching benefits, ranging from recognition and scholarships to personal growth and future career opportunities, making them a valuable component of a student’s educational journey.

How to check the result?

The results for the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 will be released on the official website of the Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search. To access their results, candidates can follow the steps outlined below:

To view the Vidyasagar Olympiad 2023 results, please follow these steps:

  • Access the Vidyasagar Olympiad Website by clicking on the provided link.
  • Navigate to the “Results” option in the menu.
  • Provide the necessary login details, including your roll number and date of birth, in the designated fields.
  • Click the “Submit” button to proceed.
  • The result will be displayed on the screen.
  • Candidates have the option to download and print their result for future reference.

The Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 represents a prestigious platform where students can demonstrate their scientific knowledge and abilities. The initial round of examinations is slated for May 7, 2023, providing students with an opportunity to commence their preparation, utilizing the array of resources and guidance available. Subsequently, the results will be posted on the official website, enabling students to access their scores and rankings.

Participation in this Olympiad offers a multitude of advantages. These encompass gaining recognition, qualifying for scholarships, fostering a robust scientific foundation, and augmenting one’s career prospects. The Olympiad not only celebrates academic excellence but also serves as a launchpad for students to excel in the field of science and explore promising future opportunities.

Contact Details

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Helpline Numbers:
    1. 033 2442 8270 /
    2. 033 2442 8267 /
    3. 033 4062 5174

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad 2023 results be declared?

Typically, the result declaration date is announced after the examination. Candidates are advised to regularly check the official website for updates.

Where can I check my Vidyasagar Science Olympiad result?

You can check your result on the official website of the Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search (JBNSTS), as it is the administering body of the Olympiad.

What information do I need to check my result?

To check your result, you will typically need to provide your roll number and, in some cases, additional login credentials.

Will the result include rankings or just scores?

The result usually includes both your scores and your ranking among the participants.

What do I do if I forget my roll number or login credentials?

If you forget your roll number or login credentials, you may need to contact the organizing body or refer to the guidelines provided on the official website for assistance.

How can I receive a physical copy of my result?

In most cases, you can download and print your result from the official website for future reference.

Is there a re-evaluation process if I am not satisfied with my result?

The Olympiad organizing body typically has specific procedures for re-evaluation, which you can find on their official website. This often involves a formal request and may have associated fees.

What should I do if I believe there is an error in my result?

If you believe there is an error in your result, it’s advisable to contact the Olympiad’s organizing body and follow their instructions for rectifying any discrepancies.

Are there any scholarships or rewards for top-performing students in the Vidyasagar Science Olympiad?

Yes, many Olympiad programs offer scholarships and rewards to the top-performing students as a recognition of their achievements.

How can I use my Vidyasagar Science Olympiad result to benefit my academic and career goals?

Your Olympiad result can be added to your academic record and resume, enhancing your credentials. Additionally, it can open doors to various educational and career opportunities, such as scholarships and admissions to prestigious institutions. It’s essential to leverage your performance in a way that aligns with your future aspirations.


The Vidyasagar Science Olympiad result is a pivotal milestone in the academic journey of students participating in this prestigious competition. Scheduled for release after the examinations, the results hold great significance for each participant. Not only do they provide a comprehensive assessment of the student’s performance, but they also offer a valuable opportunity for recognition and growth.

The announcement of the result on the official website of Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search (JBNSTS) allows students to view their scores and rankings, thus offering a clear perspective on their standing in the competition. Beyond numbers, the result is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and scientific knowledge that students have demonstrated.

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